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LFT Personal Training in Plano Texas.

LFT Personal Training is a Plano Personal Training gym designed to streamline the personal training industry by offering affordable, flexible and innovative membership-based personal training. Members of our Plano gym get one-on-one personal training in a modern, clean environment. Choose one of our signature sessions and our personal trainers will push your limits effectively with the help of an interactive heart rate monitoring system. LFT Personal training offers a variety of modern equipment to ensure that workouts are creative and enjoyable no matter what your fitness level! Get started by taking advantage of the introductory offer! We deeply believe that passionate personal trainers are the catalyst to lasting healthy lifestyle changes for people. We created LFT Personal Training for clients to experience consistent quality service in an industry that has been very fragmented and expensive. LFT Personal Training is the first to offer quality and affordability in a private training environment, which is the perfect formula to create and sustain that healthy and fit lifestyle you have always wanted!

We hated the big box gym atmosphere and the big class type of environment, so we set out to create a unique client experience that is not intimidating at all. We didn’t like that you had to pay big bucks up front for huge packages in order to get a better price or that most people can’t pay that much up front…so we let clients pay at the end of each session!

As technology gets better we are seeing our nation under a negative health crisis and becoming even more sedentary while falling into worse health habits. We created LFT Personal Training to hold you accountable and our trainers are passionate about looking out for your best interest! Here at LFT we will ensure you get your cardio in , your weight training in, your stretching, and even work on your posture! Our job is to keep you motivated each week so you can go be your best self in all other areas of life!

Our focus is to help as many people experience the power of quality personal training. It is no longer a luxury but it’s a necessity to adults, young adults, and adolescents! We don’t want you to wake up a year from now and regret you hadn’t started sooner! We offer a free first session so that you can learn more about it and ensure it’s the right fit for you!

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