About LFT Personal Training

LFT Personal Training – The Best Plano Personal Trainers Are Found Here!

LFT Personal Training is designed to streamline the personal training industry by offering affordable, flexible and innovative one-on-one personal training in a modern, clean environment. Choose one of our signature sessions and our personal trainers will push your limits effectively with the help of an interactive heart rate monitoring system. LFT Personal Training offers a variety of modern equipment to ensure that workouts are creative and enjoyable no matter what your fitness level!

About LFT

  • Same day appointments available
  • Pay as you go personal training
  • Low membership pricing
  • Interactive heart rate monitoring system
  • Customize your LFT signature session
  • Private environment, avoid the “big box” gym setting
  • Request a male or female personal trainer
  • Convenient location
  • No obligation introductory signature session

LFT Personal Trainers

LFT personal trainers are trained in-house to understand the “LFT way” of personal training. LFT personal trainers have different areas of expertise but are all trained to utilize our modern equipment, interactive heart rate monitoring system and of course structure our signature sessions to accommodate your fitness level!

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