Plano Personal Trainers

LFT Personal Training is a Plano Personal Training gym designed to streamline the personal training industry by offering affordable, flexible and innovative membership-based personal training.

When it comes to personal trainers we know how important it is to pick the best and most passionate people! Our LFT Trainers don’t have to do any sales so they are chosen based off their knowledge, background, and passion for helping people in the health and fitness arena. They work in the capacity as your personal trainer…they are not here to sell you stuff…they are here to put your best interest first because that’s the type of trainers we choose to hire here at LFT.

Our trainers have a combined over 20 years experience, multiple degrees and certifications along with having done thousands and thousands of sessions with hundreds and hundreds of clients! We know how to get results and we know how to get it consistently! We are so proud that we have become such an important part of our clients’ lives and have been able to help them successfully navigate through the tough schedules and life events to come out better!
Plano Texans value their health and are very conscious of the positive side affects that having the accountability partner like an LFT trainer brings to their day to day lives and the lives of their family and friends. At LFT you can count on consistency and working with great people aside from the amazing results you will get! If you want to experience the best personal training at a great price then contact us for your free session!